Let's play a game?

Let's say you were looking for a great experience. It could be anything from accommodation at a guest house or a lodge, or even shark cage diving or guided tours. You have a choice between 2 companies:

  • Company A says that they have 20 years experience in the industry and may even have a couple of awards. Unfortunately, they can't be found online.
  • Company B only has 5 years experience, but they have a bunch of reviews, great images and valuable content available for you to see.

Which company are you going to choose?


More than 900 million people visit Facebook every day!

With over 2 billion users on Facebook, doesn't that make it the best advertising space ever?
The sad reality is that so many companies, just like yours, haven't been able to clack the code. They will throw thousands of rand a year at Facebook ads that don't give them the results they need.
Why? Because Facebook is a competitive space. It's a power tool that can only be used effectively with the proper training.
The good news? We've got your back!

We'll turn your Facebook marketing "Eish!" into a Facebook "Aweh!"

Diving deep into your tourism-based brand,we will create a personalized strategy for you. From Facebook ad management to content, LIVE Local will leverage our decade of experience to gain you the exposure that you need.

Take a look at our below list of Facebook services and claim your FREE Evaluation to get started.

Claim your FREE Evaluation

We'll dive into your current digital marketing and send you a full report within 48hours!

Facebook Ad Management

From R1000 per month

LIVE Local will create and manage a custom campaign for your business. Because we're so confident in our abilities, our Facebook Ad Management comes with a FREE trial and a money-back guarantee!

We work with you to create a tailored Facebook Campaign, complete with target audience identification and strategic media creation. Then, we roll it all up into one Facebook Ad ball and get you the exposure you are looking for!


Facebook Content Creation

From R5000 per month

If you are spending hours on Facebook and spending a fortune on ads that aren't working, this is for you! LIVE Local will create and manage daily posts for your Facebook page to maximize your brand exposure.

We believe it is entirely possible to get a great Facebook reach without EVER paying for an ad.

Private Facebook Consultation

R1250 per hour

Schedule a Skype date with us (OohLaLa!) and we will train you how to manage and maintain a successful Facebook presence. In just an hour or two, you will have all the skills you need to grow your brand, using Facebook.

Facebook Makeover

R1500 once off

Your Facebook page has a purpose! If it's not working for you while you sleep, you may have a problem with how your brand is interacting with users that land on your page.
Using custom branding and goal-based strategies, LIVE Local can turn your Facebook page into a sales funnel. This means that, even while you sleep, your page will be working for you and converting visitors into loyal followers and paying clients.

Claim your FREE Evaluation

We'll dive into your current digital marketing and send you a full report within 48hours!